Making Space for You

Interested in learning the tools to live a life of empowerment. The skills taught in my coaching will take you from sick and tired, to inspired. You will learn the skills to live a life of purpose, passion, freedom and Joy. Become involved in breathwork to remove low energy, receive vitality. Shadow Dancing will remove old stories, limiting beliefs so...[ read more ]

Finding your Voice

Do you ever go about your day and all of a sudden you become frustrated throw your hands up in the air and wonder is this all life has to offer me? Somedays you feel like a robot going through the motions of life. Same old same old. The routine does not change, nothing exciting in your day. Feeling numb....[ read more ]

Turn exhaustion into Vibrant energy.

Do you ever tell yourself I feel like running away where no one can find me for a while? You are in need of time and space for yourself, yet you continually deny yourself. Everyone suffers and everything suffers as a result. This cycle will continue until you decide to take action and make time for yourself. Stories will come...[ read more ]

Shine and Soar

Do you feel like your life is falling apart. Find yourself crying a great deal, depressed. Asking yourself where did you go wrong. Ladies you did not go wrong, you have come to a new stage in your life. This is suppose to be an exciting time in your life. The kids do not need you as much, maybe your...[ read more ]

Life on the brink of destruction?

I call it mid life reconstruction. Things that use to bring happiness just did not interest me anymore. I remember waking up one morning still struggling with deep depression. I yelled out God if this is all there is, I choose not to live anymore. Nothing I was doing with in my life made me happy. I had a teenager...[ read more ]

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